2021 Season Update #2


First off, hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy as this pandemic continues.

As you are all well aware, we are currently in a 3 step roadmap to safely reopen the province. I won't go into details, but basically the province will remain in each step for at least 21 days to evaluate any impacts on public health and health system indicators.

After this announcement, I was contacted by a few teams saying they were apprehensive about what the outcome might be, so they decided to forgo playing this season. That being said, the feedback from the zoom meetings that were held in early April, was extremely poor, and we as the executive were quite disappointed at the response, as only four teams gave a deposit, and three teams informed us they decided not to play this year.  Therefore, due to the lack of commitment, the restrictions that might be applied and the uncertainty of reaching the timelines of the three step program we have decided to unfortunately cancel the season.

For teams requesting a refund, I will be available at my house on Friday May 28th, anytime after 5:00. Please send me a text letting me know your intentions.

Again, we are extremely disappointed that this season has been cancelled, but hopefully looking forward to next year when everything will be back to normal.

Thank you and have a safe, healthy and enjoyable summer.

AMSA Executive

2021 Season Update

First off, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we unfortunately undergo another 4 week shutdown.
The executive held a zoom meeting this past week to discuss the possibility of a season. As of now, we are still restricted by the guidelines set out by Durham Health. That being said, we are being proactive and tentatively going ahead with scheduling a half season commencing on Sun. July 4th for the Sunday league and the following Wednesday and Thursday for the other divisions.
For the teams that requested their 2020 fees be returned, we are asking for half of your deposit ($1250) by May 1st, which again is refundable if we don't have a season. You can e-transfer the money to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".
We have also decided to schedule zoom meetings with all the team reps on the following days which will be conducted by Jason, Mike and Thom.  You will receive an e-mail with the meeting details from the executive responsible for your division.
  • Jason: Tuesday April 13th @ 7:30 for Easton and Rawlings reps.
  • Mike: Wednesday April 14th @ 7:30 for Miken and Mizuno reps.
  • Thom: Thursday April 15th @ 7:30 for Sunday League reps.
It is very imperative that each team attend this meeting, so please make the necessary arrangements to make sure your team is represented.
If anyone has any questions, you can always contact any member of the executive.
Thank you and hopefully looking forward to playing ball this year.
AMSA Executive

2021 Season


First off, I hope this message is finding everyone safe and staying healthy during this pandemic.  Looking ahead to the upcoming season (hopefully), we need to know how many teams are planning to return this year.  As of now, we have no idea what, or if any restrictions will be enforced upon this season.  That being said, the Town of Ajax has contacted us to see where our league stands and how many nights we might require.  Therefore, we are asking all team reps to poll their team and to let us know if you are returning.  Please contact myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.