I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for another successful season, despite the weather not co-operating with us throughout the summer. With diamond time running out and with all the rescheduled games this year, the executive thanks you for your patience as we tried our best to make it fair for all teams. That being said, one of the major complaints throughout the summer was once again the length of the games. The league will definitely be looking at that when we sit down with the town and talk about scheduling for next year.

I would also like to express my thanks to Mike Sikorski for promptly keeping our website up to date on a daily basis and to Don Wylie (Umpire in Chief) and his umpiring crew consisting of : John, Gregg, Colin, Thom, Arnie and Bob. Your time, hard work and dedication was greatly appreciated. Congratulations go out to the following teams who won their respective divisions. Well Done!

  • Easton Division: McLovin (Back to back Champions)
  • Rawlings Division: Ravens (First time Champions)
  • Miken Division: Wildcats (First time Champions)
  • Mizuno Division: Hitmen (First time Champions)
  • Demarini-Top 8: Hitmen (2 Time Champions)
  • Demarini-Bottom 8: Poon Raiders (First time Champions)

I will let the team reps. know shortly when and where the year end banquet will be held.

Thanks again and see you all next year.